Monday, December 27, 2010

Zerg Video Lesson ZvP with iNcontrol

For zerg players that struggle with ZvP and want a little more insight into the match-up, bitters has an awesome VOD lesson with iNcontrol.

You can find the stream here.

Source: Mr. Bitters' Channel

Zerg Instructional Videos with EG.Machine

If you're a zerg player struggling in starcraft 2 with timings, build orders, etc and are in platinum+ and want to get to diamond, then these videos may really help you. I know they helped me a lot.

The instructional videos go into ZvP, ZvZ, and ZvT build orders, timings, and how to handle particular situations and enemy build orders.

ZvZ Instructional Video with EG.Machine

ZvP Instructional Video with EG.Machine

ZvT Instructional Video with EG.Machine

Thanks to Mr. Bitter for providing these awesome videos and supporting the community. He's a really fantastic guy and I love listening to his broadcast.

Source: Mr. Bitter's Stream

Monday, December 6, 2010

Terran Build Order: Korean 2-Rax Marine SCV Rush

Description: The 2 Barracks Marine and SCV rush is a build that has been around for some time, but has seen an incredible amount of success in GSL 3 from a professional player named Boxer (aka Foxer). The build can be effective against all three match-ups, but is most effective against Terran, Zerg, and is incredibly aggressive. Depending on the amount of SCVs pulled off the mineral line, a player may or may not be able to transition into other builds.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Terran Starcraft 2 Build Order: Fast Expand Four Banshee Build

Description: The purpose of the Fast Expand Four Banshee Build Order is to take advantage of a Protoss players weak anti-air and lack of detection. I would argue that the strongest anti-air a Protoss player has is the Stalker, while the only detection they have is the observer or photo cannon. 

Your army will consist primarily of marines, a couple of ravens, and banshees. The raven exists to negate the stalkers with Point Defense Drone and detect the observer. Meanwhile, marines cleanup the stalkers while the Banshees target the Colossi. 

This'll definitely take some practice, but it's a pretty strong build and is very effective vs. Colossus play.

Overcoming Challenges: A Quadrapalegic Playing Starcraft 2

I often think about how difficult it must be to play consoles such as the Nintendo Wii, Kinect, and Playstation Move if you live a life filled with physical challenges. Those with the greatest physical challenges are often ignored, or in some cases, it is argued that it would be be better if they were dead.

But any life is a life worth living - there's at least something to enjoy and at times, people manage to overcome challenges that we would have thought impossible. 

It's not a secret that such an attitude is required in order to be a good starcraft 2 player.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Starcraft Build Order Finder

There's a new Starcraft 2 Build Order optimizer out on the market and it appears that it not only has Zerg and Protoss build orders, but Terran as well. I'm sure there's some bugs to be worked out in it, but so far people seem to be pleased with it.

The build order optimizer essentially takes a desired outcome, say a six stalker push, and will then churn out the fastest way of obtaining six stalkers.

What it spits out is rather interesting and easy to read for a sc2 build order optimizer.

Rumble in the Bronze Promotional Materials

So this place has seen a lack of updates for two reasons: the break and all the free graphical and advertising work I've done for Rumble in the Bronze, the Starcraft 2 Charity match that's going to be cast by iNControl.

Check out some of the images I've done up for the event.

Rumble in the Bronze! ~ $640 Raised so Far

One week ago Penny Arcade forumer hlprmnky began trash-talking fellow Bronze league Starcraft 2 player Joe K, declaring a grudgematch and that the loser should be publicly shamed with replays of their defeat.

Joe K countered that instead he would put $50 up towards the Child's Play charity and that the winner would choose the hospital to receive the money.

Next, hlprmnky matched Joe's $50 and before you knew it their grudge escalated into a full-fledged Child's Play fundraiser.
promo flier

The matches will be shoutcasted December 4th, 9pm EST by professional Starcraft 2 player EG.iNcontrol and Trus, a Penny Arcade forumer who casts their regular tournaments. You can watch the action live via Trus's Starcraft Arcadia tournament stream.

Please donate now! All proceeds will provide games, toys, and other forms of support for hospitalized children.