Sunday, January 30, 2011

Starcraft 2 Artwork for Sale! Woodburned Canvas

There is a really nice woodburned canvas on sale on Etsy! It's of Zeratul and would be a really excellent item to hang on your wall!

You can find it here for $55 shipped.

Protoss Video Lessons with Response: PvP

Response is a fairly solid protoss player in starcraft 2. If you're interested in watching some protoss video lessons and improve, check these out - they should help you out a bit, especially when it comes to defending the four gate.

Response Video Lesson Part 1
Response Video Lesson Part 2

You can find the replays here


Mr. Bitter 12 Weeks with the Pros Week 4: Stopping the Four Gate

This week on February 1st, Mr. Bitter will be streaming an episode on how to stop the four gate as zerg. Since this is a fairly popular build at the moment, I really recommend checking this out if you're a zerg player.

You can find his stream here:

And it'll be airing at 6 PM EST.

Mr. Bitter 12 Weeks with the Pros Schedule

Week 0: Foundations - ZvZ with Ret
Ret ZvZ Replay Pack:

Week 0: Foundations - ZvT with Ret

Week 0: Foundations - ZvP with Ret

Week 1: Stargate Plays in ZvP with iNcontroL

Week 1: Stargate Plays in ZvP with Machine

Week 2: 2 Rax Cheese, 2 Rax Pressure, and 2 Rax Expand with iNcontroL

Week 2: 2 Rax Cheese, 2 Rax Pressure, and 2 Rax Expand with Machine

Week 2: 2 Rax Cheese, 2 Rax Pressure, and 2 Rax Expand with LZGamer

Week 3: Non-standard play with Catz
Catz replay pack:

Week 3: Non-standard play, and approaching a best of "x" with iNcontroL

Week 3: Non-standard play with Machine

If you're interested in scheduling a lesson with Mr. Bitter, please email him at

Defending the 2 Rax SCV as Zerg

Mr. Bitter has a great video on how to defend the two rax scv all in that terrans have been doing on a regular basis. Find the videos here.

2 Rax all-in with LZGamer
2 Rax all-in with EG.Machine

Pro Tips with EG.Idra

There is a set of very useful pro tips from one of the best foreign players in the world - EG.Idra. It provides some really nice insights into his play and I highly recommend them if you are playing Starcraft 2, just as a way of imroving your play as Zerg, and also as an opponent of Zerg.

The first collection of Pro Tips from Greg "EG.IdrA" Fields have been released courtesy of Bigfoot Networks and Kingston HyperX. In each video, IdrA gives his own insight on the specific matchup and explains why he made certain decisions. Both beginners and more advanced users alike should be able to find useful information in these videos. IdrA takes on many great players within these pro tips such as Liquid`HuK, ROOT.KiWiKaKi, and ROOT.qxc.

You can follow IdrA and the entire Evil Geniuses StarCraft II team on Twitter at or on Facebook at

Bigfoot Networks Pro Tips

EG.IdrA vs. Liquid`HuK (Xel'Naga Caverns)
EG.IdrA vs. dignitas.SeleCT (Xel'Naga Caverns)
EG.IdrA vs. ROOT.CatZ (Steppes of War)
EG.IdrA vs. ROOT.KiWiKaKi (Blistering Sands)
EG.IdrA vs. ROOT.qxc (Metalopolis) Pat 1
EG.IdrA vs. ROOT.qxc (Metalopolis) Part 2

Kingston HyperX Pro Tips

EG.IdrA vs. Liquid`HuK (Steppes of War)
EG.IdrA vs. Liquid`Nazgul (Scrap Station)
EG.IdrA vs. ROOT.KiWiKaKi (Scrap Station)
EG.IdrA vs. ROOT.qxc (Xel'Naga Caverns)
EG.IdrA vs. ROOT.qxc (Blistering Sands) Part 1
EG.IdrA vs. ROOT.qxc (Blistering Sands) Part 2

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mr. Bitter Lessons to Become More Expensive

If you've been thinking about taking Mr. Bitter up on a $10 an hour lesson, you better do it quick because come February he will be charging between $15 and $20 an hour because of how many people have come to him asking for lessons!

Video Lesson with Trump - How to Macro

Yet another perspective from another player. I have to admit - when I first started watching Trump stream, I didn't think he was that good and for the most part he kind of does really unorthodox builds while he's streaming, but when he takes a game seriously he really starts to move and play smart.

I'm convinced that for the most part he's just trying new things out when he's streaming.

At any rate - here is a video lesson from Trump on how to improve your macro and analyze your own replays (which will prove invaluable in teaching yourself how to play better).

PvP Lesson with EG.iNControl

If you're struggling with PvP and are looking for insights into how to handle the match up (especially since it boils down to 4 gates these days), user KZN has posted a video lesson he had with iNControl - unfortunately it is somewhat incomplete, but any information you can glean from it will be most likely helpful!

PvP with InControl (KZN)

Mr. Bitter Lesson with Liquid Ret

This is perhaps the most important video any zerg player will come across. Mr. Bitter has released a training session with one of the best players in the world: Liquid Ret.

There are three videos in his video on demand section, of which goes over fundamentals in ZvZ, ZvT, and ZvP. It's another perspective on top of what was gone over with Machine, so enjoy!

Mr. Bitter ZvT with Liquid Ret

Mr. Bitter ZvP with Liquid Ret

Mr. Bitter ZvZ with Liquid Ret

Monday, January 3, 2011

Adel's No Gas PvP SC2 Build Order

Description: This build capitalizes on the mineral advantage you will have over your opponent and allows you to safely expand against a four gate, which is an extremely popular build in PvP. You can find more information about this build and the inner workings of it at the source link below.

  • Sets you up for a macro game
  • Early aggression allows you to keep tabs on your opponent

  • Requires some sort of damage with your initial push
  • Wide naturals make using this build very difficult (Xel Naga Caverns)
  • Long rush distances weaken the initial push (Shakuras Plateau)
Build Order:

  • Use first three Chronoboost on probes
  • 9 Pylon
  • 13 Gateway
  • 14 Pylon
  • 16 Gateway
  • 17 Zealot
  • 20 Assimilator
  • 21 Pylon
  • 21 Zealot
  • 24 Cybernetics Core
  • 26 Zealot
  • 28 Zealot
  • Attack with four Zealots at about 4:45-4:50
  • Chronoboost on Probes
  • Pylon (about when Cybernetics finishes)
  • 2 Stalkers (Chronoboosted) -> Rally onto your Zealots or enemy base


Source:  Cecil Sunkure's Teamliquid Post

Sunday, January 2, 2011

SC2 State of the Game Podcast Feed MOVED!

The State of the Game podcast that we all know and love has moved their beloved feed reader! For those of you who get your news this way - you would have expected updates, not gotten them, and would have never known! Luckily, J.P. was smart and did an update through the original feed.

The feed url is


New Forum!

Hey everyone!

I managed to get a free forum up for anyone looking to chat a bit about starcraft 2. I'm hoping that people will post up replays asking for critiques or advice, so stop on by and introduce yourself!